What is dream??? This is a big question to a lot of people.Many people have their own level of thinking about dream…. I myself from my childhood used to think what is dream? Thinking about dream i created my own definition of Dream   . Today after so many days i am going to reveal my definition of dream to public. Some one may think , i am a mad man. But i don’t care about those thoughts. I write what i think so i am writing now.


So according to me –


Dream is a blend of the Real and Para-real world with certain Ratio created by the Mind of a person, the blend ratio being  dependent on the situation of sleeping and the State of mind.



I gave the definition above after closely thinking about dreams. And talking to several persons around me and Experimenting on  sleeping situation of different persons at different time. I found that Dreams are largely dependent on the situation a person is sleeping, the place where he/she is sleeping. And of course Dreams varies largely person to person.  I hope to write further about the findings of me about dreams. And also to research more on Dream.







If you like my writing and thinkings please comment. These gives great feedbacks to think more.

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