Facts about 1 (one)

If you read my post about Zero then you probably can estimate what i am saying today.

So today i am writing about one. All these facts are known by uss all , still i am writing it to just combine them together.

First of all One is a very important number in this world, for mass generation and for mathematicians. Here are some facts.

  • One is the first real positive number in the number line.
  • One is the only number to have the characteristics of prime number but it is not a prime number (May be some day will make a blog post about this.)
  • One is the only number which symbolizes unity.
  • One is the only number which multiplied by any number gives that number.
  • One is the only number which when raised to any power gives same output and that is one (1)
  • One is the only number which when added to any number outputs the next real number in number line (and of course if we substract we will get previous number)
  • If any number is raised to power of 0 the output is same in all the case. The output is again 1.

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