Prospects of windows 10 (Part 1: Windows Hello)

Microsoft released its much hyped and ambitious version of windows of its history last 29th July. Windows 10, according to Microsoft, is a big leap from its previous versions (Windows 8 to be specific). After the release of Windows 10 officially there has been a huge media frenzy about the event and about the OS. If you like you can also know about the Windows 10. Though in short view windows 10 may seem to be a minor visual upgrade there are many under the hood changes included in this update. I am in no means an expert in operating systems or software, but I am a big dreamer and I love to see and think about the future. So in this series of article I would like to write about what I see about the future changes windows 10 can bring through its under the hood changes.

One of the interesting under the hood changes is the inclusion of Windows Hello. Windows Hello is basically a biometric Authentication system added under the hood of Window 10. This will basically help to reduce the time involved in logging in with a password. Windows Hello works with Fingerprint scanning and Facial recognition with a specialized camera. These biometric authentication is very fast and accurate. Much of the credit for the advancement may go to the machine learning advancement going on, Microsoft like Project Oxford, which has an impressive computer vision and speech APIs (I guess project Oxford is somewhat integrated in windows hello, But I may not be true).  Going to the future windows hello may have a huge impact on our daily life.

One such application will be ATMs across worldwide. Most of the ATMs use a stripped version of windows as the operating system. Previous versions of Windows did not support biometric authentication natively. But going forward with the support Windows Hello natively most of the ATMs can use the biometric scanning for authentication easily than in the past. This can possibly reduce the hassle of providing PIN numbers and worrying about losing the PIN number to thieves.

Not just in ATM this feature can be easily integrated to other applications as Windows PC is used all over. I think that going forward much of the need to enter a password will disappear as now Biometric authentication has come this forward. What do you all think about Windows Hello.

Look back in some days for the continuation of this series and me giving you information about other features of windows 10.

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