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The business model that is outrageous these days

Massive Open Online Courses(MOOC) are pretty common nowadays. Knowledge can be shunned easily without going to any formal institute and best of all in one’s own timing. One of the Most popular MOOC is EDX whose motto is “Free online courses from the world’s best universities”. I was following EDX from its beginning as it was basically founded by MIT and Harvard, two of the most prominent institute in the USA and also have collaboration with other universities. Initially, it offered courses completely free, but as days passed the introduced Verified courses for a small fee and today there are…
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What is dream??? This is a big question to a lot of people.Many people have their own level of thinking about dream…. I myself from my childhood used to think what is dream? Thinking about dream i created my own definition of Dream   . Today after so many days i am going to reveal my definition of dream to public. Some one may think , i am a mad man. But i don’t care about those thoughts. I write what i think so i am writing now.   So according to me –   Dream is a blend of the…
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