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Facts about 1 (one)

If you read my post about Zero then you probably can estimate what i am saying today. So today i am writing about one. All these facts are known by uss all , still i am writing it to just combine them together. First of all One is a very important number in this world, for mass generation and for mathematicians. Here are some facts. One is the first real positive number in the number line. One is the only number to have the characteristics of prime number but it is not a prime number (May be some day will…
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2 and 3

2  2 is the only number to have same result when multiplied by itself or when added to itself. 2 is the lowest prime number and is the only even number to be prime. Modern computer is based on 2 number i.e it is based on binary number. In ancient Greek days 2 was considered as lady number !!!!! 3 3 is an important number in our nature. The real world is in 3 dimension. A big number is divisible by 3 if the sum of all the number is divisible by 3. In ancient Greek days 3 was considered…
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Facts about Zero (0)

Zero (0) is most probably the most mysterious number. The ancient mathematicians were far ahead in Maths but they did not realized about Zero (0). The thought that number how low is it there must have a number. There is no number, how it comes?  The feeling of Zero (0) first came from our subcontinent (Indian subcontinent) and it was a great feel in the field of mathematics. And so we can be proud of our mathematicians.     If any number is multiplied by Zero (0) then the answer is Zero (0). But what if we divide any number…
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