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Films that can Crash Youtube

Until today, i used to think that films like Jodha Akbar is the longest film in the world. But i was ashtonished to see list of longest running films in the world.  Modern Times Forever (Stora Enso Building, Helsinki) is a Danish movie which is 10 day long. If you dont believe me then check out this wikipedia page.   So if you ever want to take revenge over someone, you can force them to watch this movie.    

Baghban (Hindi: बाग़बान, in English: Gardener)

See the full gallery on Posterous Friends i just watched the film Baghban. I can’t control my feelings. The film is such an awesome one. The story is quite real. In reality this situation is common. Parents buys happiness for us by the cost of their hapiness. And what we do is when they need our support we ignore them. We should not give this type of behaivour to our parents. This film remembers me of another film ‘বাবা কেন চাকর’ (Baba Keno Cakor) . Actually i like this type of film. Can any one suggest other films of this…
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