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Future of Telephony

As a student of science, and a science lover, many ideas about science come in my mind. I know, all the ideas are not possible to happen in the world. But it is not true that all ideas are impossible. There are some ideas, that today it seems to be impossible to us, but in future it may be possible. For instance about two hundred years ago mobile phone was impossible thing, but now mobile phone is simple part of our life. Some days ago a thought came in my mind, the thought about deviceless telephony.   How interesting ‘deviceless telephony’…
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Respect to………….

We should love our Motherland, because it gives everything it owns, to us. How many of us can give our belonging to other but It gives us all.Throughout the whole life It gives us every thing we need from food to air.If we dedicate our whole life for It it will be less.So we should be cautious about our behaviour toward It, if we cannot help it we shouldn’t harm it. Like our Motherland our Mother and Father helps us grow.They helps us from our birth, till our needs . So we always should respect them, it should be kept…
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