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First day at SUST

Don’t be confused with the title. Its not first time I went to SUST, but this day was different because yesterday (24th Jan) was our orientation. From this day I started my class for the next few years.     Before the orientation started I was quite feared about new teachers and institution, but the orientation changed everything. I mean changed positively. The orientation program was a huge affair. All the new students were at the program and I was really happy to see all my new friends together. I am really thankful to our teachers for giving us such…
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Future of Telephony

As a student of science, and a science lover, many ideas about science come in my mind. I know, all the ideas are not possible to happen in the world. But it is not true that all ideas are impossible. There are some ideas, that today it seems to be impossible to us, but in future it may be possible. For instance about two hundred years ago mobile phone was impossible thing, but now mobile phone is simple part of our life. Some days ago a thought came in my mind, the thought about deviceless telephony.   How interesting ‘deviceless telephony’…
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