Brushing some old memories in words.

It was very interesting to work again on a old project….

It gave back the memories of working hard to make something creative….

I always tried to create something, but was impossible without help……   Creative things are hard to create but gives pleasure watching it work….


Thanks to SUST for giving me such friend and teachers without whom life is impossible now…..
I am verymuch thankfull to Our teacher (Nazmus Sahadat sir) for helping us very much to develop our skill…..

And what can i tell about my group mates…. They (Tahmid and Zitu) are the items that are rare in this world … The coperation in the work was very much different…… In one word our team work was something that i cannot express with words……



I hope to work more on creative works.. And i cannot afford to work with other persons other that Tahmid and Zitu…  We are like a team made to work together… Our co ordination was simply awesome…. I am thankful to God for giving friends like Tahmid and Zitu..


I am also very much thankfulll to all the persons who helped us very much in works with co operation and mind help…


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