The need of Green Education.

The education System we are leading in our Country is very much lee green (at least i have found out so). I think we need to change our system to a much greener one.

You may be asking how our education system is less green???
The answer is, see in our education system we use so much paperwork. We can reduce these papaer work by using computerized system and many other modern technology… Beside this , in official use the pages are used in single side… But using dual side of page we can reduce the use of paper to almost half.. Is not that good for us….



You may ask why I am saying so, or what is the need for reduceing paper use.. See using more paper means cutting down more and more plants. These makes our environment worse. Cutting down plants means cutting down the Source of oxygen . If we continue to use these much paper then that day is not far apart when our planet will be full of carbon dioxide and the air will be too heavy to breath…  So it is our duty to reduce paper usage in our education system to make our Environment a greener one….


I hope you will join me in my this cause.. Join the facebook page regarding this..

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