Birthday and Nine


Nine is a mysterious number. I don’t know, if you know that nine (9) is hidden in the birthday of every notable person in the world, past or present? Take George Washington, America’s first President, who was born on 22nd February 1732. Let us write his birthday as the number 2221732. Now we rearrange the digits to get another number say 3227212. We now compute the difference of these two numbers by subtracting the smaller from the larger, as follows:



3227212-2221732 = 1005480

If we add the digits of the of the resulting number until we get a single digit number . In our example we have


1005480— 1+0+0+5+4+8+0 =~ 18—1+8 =~ 9


If we carry out the above calculations using birthday of any notable person then we will get 9 as answer. Does this suggest any mysterious relationship between the birthdays of all the famous persons and the number is nine?



I am lucky that my birthday also gives 9 as result….

Don’t believe me see, my birthday is 9th February 1991. So I can write it as 921991 

And rearrange this as 999211. So by computing the subtraction we get


999211-921991 = 77220

By adding the digits we get


77220–7+7+2+2+0 =~18–1+8 =~ 9


So I am a lucky person. Why don’t you try with your favorite person even you? What’s your result? Are you getting confused? Why?

 Answer in comment.


  1. Abdulla Malik

    dusto it’s do you know this? and can you tell me 2 more special person with such birthdays?

  2. Shahadat Hussain Parvez

    @hadi dusto thanks for reading my blog. 2 special personer birth date to money aar naaa. but if u try with any ones birth day you will get the same result. This is the actual thing in this number.

  3. Shahadat Hussain Parvez

    u can also try with ur birth date


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