Getting rid of facebook chat side-bar

Many of the users are disappointed by the new facebook chat side-bar. It always stays on the right-hand side of page. Sometimes it becomes annoying. The side-bar can be hidden but it needs you to click on a button every time you log in. But there is a way to get relieved from it. Here is how..

*** you simply press the ‘Ctrl’ button of keyboard and tap ‘+’ button until the side bar disappears.  If you do so the side-bar will never appear in facebook in that specific browser.

** How it works?
–> Firstly the side-bar appears if there is enough screen space after showing all the needed things on the page. ‘Ctrl’ +’+’ actually zooms in the page, so this process reduces empty space around the page. And you get rid of side-bar.

***There is another way to get rid of this. If you reduce the screen resolution of your computer you will get rid of the side-bar.

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