Anticipation for an event can be much more interesting and enjoyable that the event itself

If we look around us carefully, we can observe so many interesting phenomenon and events that nature has to offer to us. Mother Nature has many trump cards under her sleeves to baffle us in every step of our life. One such thing that intrigues me is the fact that anticipation for an event can be much more interesting and enjoyable than the event itself.

At first thought, this statement can be absurd as it tries to paint an idea similar to the idea that in a dinner a side dish can be important than the main dish. But it really is true when you start to look deeper and deeper. I have realized this fact after many times I have had events that showed me that journey to an event is much enjoyable than the event itself.

For example, whenever I went on a tour of any place with my friends the best part of the event was never the place which we visited. Almost always the best part was the journey and interactions leading to the place. I know that this example is not a good example because you can easily argue that the tour is half part of the place and half part of the journey. I will agree with you somewhat but it does not change the fact that the journey leading to a visit to a historical place can be as important as the place. Additionally if after 20 years of a tour you are asked to emphasize the highlight of the event you most likely will describe the interactions you had with your friends.

Let me share with you a story. Once during my university life, I and my friends wanted to visit Comilla to see Shalbon Bihar, a historically important place. Initially, we had plans to go with all friends from our class. But as the date of the visit came nearby, many opted out of the visit, and in the last days, it seemed the visit was doomed. But I and a few friends of mine decided that no matter what we wanted this tour. So only six of us started the journey by train. We had such a tough time finding tickets and we could not manage tickets for all. But we traveled by sharing seats. We talked the whole night and when we reached early in the morning we had no option to go to the place because it would not open before 10:00 AM for visitors. So we went to a restaurant and as a means to pass the time we started prank calling our other friends. When the time came to see Shalbon Bihar, It was nice but nowhere near nice as the time we spent on the journey. So whenever I remember the tour I remember the journey. This showed me that the journey is much more important than the endpoint.

I know this story will not convince you to believe that anticipation for an event is more interesting than the event. Let me share another example. It has happened to me so many time and I believe it happened to you also, Every time a Football world cup is near anticipation starts to build up in us. Will this time our favorite team win the cup! We start to build up the event in our mind palace. Here in Bangladesh, Even months before the world cup is starting we can see so many flags of different countries along with banners announcing people’s allegiance to a countries football team. For months people debate about who is the favorite an who is going to win. This helps people find like-minded people (mostly supporting the same team). But when the world cup comes it lasts a few weeks and ends. The time leading to the world cup gives people the opportunity to interact freely and finding new friends. I say this is much more important than the few weeks’ worth world cup.

Furthermore, analogically it can be said that our life is a journey and our ultimate demise is the finale. Which of this do you think is the most important death of the journey to death? I hope to you, life( journey to death) is the most important part.

From all this discussion I hope then you are convinced that the journey to an event is every bit as important as the main event itself. So never fear to enjoy the journey and let your anticipation for an event to be joyful and memorable.

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