States should not have state religion

Protecting Other religions is going to protect ours.   

This simple line may not make sense at first glance or it may ignite hatred for anyone who tells the line. But this is a truth and I will try to explain my points in saying this line.  

In this world of globalization and migration, it is virtually impossible (except for some) to have a nation with a single race or a single religion. The thought that always hit my mind when I see religious discrimination is the fact that a religion that is a religious minority in a country will be the majority in other and vice versa. So if a country (its leaders and subset of peoples mainly) starts religious persecution of the minorities believing that the minorities are a parasite to their society, they fail to realize that in other countries with their brothers and sisters as minorities can face the same fate.  

When we start these kinds of violence in the name of religion, it only ignites hatred for our religion in a country where our religion is a minority. This hatred can be unexpressed at first but can become active like an old volcano. This phenomenon is happening all around the world all the time. In almost all countries where there is religious minorities, there is some sort of religious discrimination, either at the governmental level or hidden inside a group of peoples in the country (some extremist groups). These discriminations sometimes lead to active resistance from the minorities and which in turn leads to large scale persecution of them. During this persecution, other peoples of countries of the religion will start to sympathize with their brother and sister and will in some form start discrimination.  

This is in no way a desired behavior but in reality, is a common occurrence. Our current world where there is a vast dissonance between different religions is what it is because of the centuries of practice of hatred(visible or hidden) toward minorities. Not all people of a country have this hatred toward minorities, but a certain small portion of people having this hatred is large enough to create a butterfly effect of large level religious persecution and discrimination which we are seeing now.  

I believe the only cure to this situation is to have a secular governing system, where no minority groups are discriminated based on their race or religion. I know this can be hard when we see our brothers and sister with our beliefs being persecuted and discriminated around the world. But the reality is if we, driven by our compassionate feelings, start the same discrimination, it will have a dire consequence on whole humanity. One day will come when we are fighting for our religions but we will forget to care for our humanity and will destroy mankind and our intelligence will vanish into the ether.   

So it is never late to stop discriminate toward minorities and have some compassion for them. Otherwise somewhere else people of our religion may face the same discrimination or maybe far worse situation. It is never late to start a secular society where we do not discriminate against people based on their race or religion and every people have compassion for other people regardless of their religion and race.   

Hopefully, we can start a positive butterfly effect and stop all the religious discrimination and save our civilization from extinction.  

Important Note: By secular society, I am not inferring that we do not practice religion. We practice our religion and have respect for other people regardless of their religion and let them practice their religion.  

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