Which type of people are you???

There are three types of people , if we classify according to the learning they take from life. The classification is as follows.

  1. They learn from there present.
  2. The never learns anything from life.
  3. Learns from others present.

The first type of persons are those who learns from there present wrong decisions. They try to compensate for their wrong and avoid these wrong in future.

Second type of person are very common type of person , who never learns anything from life and always makes the same mistake in life. (The best example is a gambler)

The third type of people is Those type who learns from their life but learns mostly from others life. ie from the mistakes of other persons.




And i fall in the category 3. So i think this is enough answers to people who tells me that how can i talk about things that i never faced.



So which class of people are you…

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  1. unknown

    i dont know what type of person i am cause i do learn from my past or present but i am still making same mistake though i was fully aware of that…… but nice article! 🙂


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