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These Smart Umbrellas Measure Rainfall Data For Meteorologists (And Send It Back To The Cloud) | FastCompany

A team of Dutch scientists wants to use the crowd instead, by turning umbrellas into mini weather-monitoring stations. Every time it rains, smart umbrellas would use sensors to detect falling drops, and then use Bluetooth to send a report to a smartphone app. As people walk around with umbrellas throughout a city during a storm, each app would send in data to a central system where meteorologists could use it to come up with better predictions.


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Rotating Display

Few days Back me and Jitu tried to make a rotating display. Here is the final output of the display

Any one interested to Hack it up can see this pdf

Download (PDF, 1.3MB)

Or See my Instructables here

Get a full functional Code from here

Quite a little more fog –13th December 2013

Today morning , i found out that although it is start of winter its has started to be very much chilly . The fog is the witness. Hope not very fog and cold comes in sylhet.